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Pulp Adventures #19 (eBook)

Pulp Adventures

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ePub / Mobi Kindle
Audrey Parente
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(Also Available in print format)

Fall 2015

Featuring: Sax Rohmer, Richard A. Lupoff, Roger Torrey, Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Dave Martin, Karl Detzer

"The Daughter of Huang Chow" by Sax Rohmer
"Roadshow" by Roger Torrey
"Boxcar Mary" by Dave Martin
"Treason For Glory" by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
"Tangaroa's Eye" by Richard A. Lupoff, a new "Splash Shanahan" adventure -- two-fisted south seas adventure!
"A Pinch of Powder" by Karl W. Detzer


"Malcolm-Wheeler Nicholson: Searching for a Hero": biographical profile by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson
Cover by Norman Saunders, with original pulp illustrations.