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Zorro: The Complete Pulp Adventures, Vol. 1


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Johnston McCulley
346 pages
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 The Complete Pulp Adventures, Volume 1 of 6

by Johnston McCulley

This bold renegade carves a "Z" with his blade — and that symbol brings hope to the oppressed! Bold Venture proudly presents the original swashbuckling hero, Zorro, defender of the down-trodden and arch-enemy of tyrants! For nearly a century, the legend and lore of Zorro has entertained young and old in comic books, movies and television programs. Now the novels and short stories of the original pulp superhero are collected for the first time!

Volume 1

  • The Mark of Zorro (the original Zorro novel)
  • "Zorro Saves a Friend" (from Argosy Nov 12, 1932)
  • "Zorro Hunts a Jackal" (from Argosy Apr 22, 1933)
  • Illustrated by Ed Coutts
  • "Zorro's California": Preface by Sandra Curtis
  • "Pulp Page to Silver Screen": Afterword by Ed Hulse