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Zorro: The Complete Pulp Adventures, Vol. 3


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338 pages, 6" x 9"
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The Complete Pulp Adventures, Volume 3 of 6

by Johnston McCulley

Volume three presents Zorro Rides Again, a full-length adventure never reprinted since its original 1931 publication.

With a shock of disbelief, the old Spanish California village heard that its friend Zorro was now attacking the weak and helpless! Hated by those who once worshiped him, hounded by the soldiery, the proud Zorro again becomes an outlaw to regain his stolen honor.

In addition to Zorro Rides Again, this edition includes eleven thrill-packed short stories, published as a continuing series in West, the legendary pulp fiction magazine. There’s action aplenty in “Zorro Draws His Blade” when the masked swordsman first duels with Sergeant Manuel Garcia. Also: John E. Petty, film lecturer and pop culture author, examines Zorro’s exploits in Saturday matinee serials.


Novel: Zorro Rides Again
Short Stories: "Zorro Draws His Blade," "Zorro Upsets a Plot," "Zorro Strikes Again," "Zorro Saves a Herd," "Zorro Runs the Gauntlet," "Zorro Fights a Duel," "Zorro Opens a Cage," "Zorro Prevents a War," "Zorro Fights a Friend," "Zorro’s Hour of Peril," "Zorro Slays a Ghost"