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Fae Well, My Lovely (eBook)

Maxi and Moxie

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Teel James Glenn
62,470 words
ePub / Kindle
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“We don’t want your kind here!”

Nazis don’t take kindly to that sentiment. Especially when their occult plan to invade America through nightmares has begun.

A murder occurs at a fundraiser for Kate Scorn, the philanthropic “Angel of the Slums.” The victim: an Irish folklore specialist, of all things. A clue-trail leads “Moxie” Donovan, reporter, to the Griffith Park “Hooverville” encampment. A Germanic folklore specialist was to meet with the slain man — then someone punches his ticket.

When Nazis start killing American citizens in Hollywood, Moxie gets angry. So does his actress wife, “Maxi."

MOXIE DONOVAN is a tough Irish reporter married to red-haired, Jewish movie star MAXI KELLER. Relocated to Universal Studios in Hollywood in 1938, the duo investigate mysteries spinning into the realm of weird tales, often with the Nazi menace and occult matters looming behind the famous Hollywoodland sign.