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Every Pig Got a Saturday

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Mike Farris
250 pages
6" x 9" paperback
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by Mike Farris

(available in eBook format)

When attorney Bobby Reavis and his bride Karla set out for their honeymoon on the Caribbean island of Barbados, they see a future together filled with blue skies and sunny days. But Oliver “Ocee” Clarke has a different future in store for them.

The escaped murderer is the subject of an intensive manhunt. To flee the island, his wants a traveling companion to divert suspicion. When he crosses paths with the honeymooners in a remote area, he chooses the new bride.

Left for dead, Bobby returns to Dallas. A deadly cat-and-mouse game follows, reaching from the streets of Dallas back to the jungles of Barbados, leading to a final showdown between the lawyer and the murderer.

Book and cover design by Rich Harvey

Produced under license from the author.