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Europa's Child: The Spirit Returns

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by James BraveWolf

Within the pages of "Europa’s Child: The Spirit Returns", James BraveWolf is writing at the height of his creative power. He exposes “The Leviathan” – the corrupt, power-mad “taste-makers” who seek to mold human beings and society into their image, to serve them – but he also celebrates individuality and the power to resist and ultimately defeat the evil influence. He celebrates the essence of humanity. Read his words, then go forth, reawakened with a sense of purpose.

James BraveWolf: "We were an experiment. And now our usefulness is over. We are alone in the laboratory. But before the lights are turned off and we fall into dust and mold, they are using the very last energy we have to fight their wars, and guide their stealth and drones to make all the world become like us. An Experiment.

"But I believe they will lose because they cannot build anything; they who make such skyscrapers and Nano-­technological wonders, have missed out on the fundamental building block of all life. There is no heart inside their creations. No Soul. No love. No Sun.

"In the nature of Germany and Austria something sacred reached out to me. It was then that I knew that Landscape could talk. It talked to me—Perhaps out of sorrow, perhaps out of love, it gave me a promise that one day I would return home."