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The Promise of Zorro


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Heather Victoria Anderson
48 pages
7"x10" Paperback/Hardcover
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(See the Spanish Edition here / Vea la Edición en español aquí)

Written and illustrated by Heather Victoria Anderson

Cover by Francisco Silva

A children's adventure!

Don Diego de la Vega, son of a wealthy landowner and rancher, is frustrated by injustice and oppression. But at the age of nine, those terrible ideas take the form of an unforgiving bully and the ease with which he escapes punishment.

Indeed, Diego and his friend Victoria Escalante are scolded or punished for Esteban’s misbehavior. Then the bully of the pueblo tries to make Diego and Victoria look bad to the resident padre. Diego decides to fight back. If he cannot use his fists, he will use his brain to turn the tables. In that moment, the seeds of a legend are sown …