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Young Kit Carson (eBook)

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H. Bedford-Jones
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Only Kit Carson stands between hostile tribes and unethical fur trappers, hoping to extinguish the fuse on a powder keg of mistrust. Then tempers flare and the violence begins — someone is profiting from pelts —and death! Carson only wants to sell his pelts, and romance a Native-American woman — but if the hidden saboteurs want a battle, Carson is ready to make them regret in spades!

Kit Carson (1809 – 1868) was a real-life pulp hero in his own manner, an American frontiersman who braved all manner of danger as he carved out a place in history, opening the western states to all America. He was a fur trapper and wilderness guide, Indian agent, and U.S. Army officer. Few people described pulp protagonists, real and fictional, as well as H. Bedford-Jones (1887-1949), referred to by his contemporaries as "the King of the Pulps".

Originally published in 1941 in the Toronto Star Weekly, and never before reprinted, Young Kit Carson is a he-man adventure of the American frontier, high in the Rocky Mountains. Carson battles to maintain peaceful relations between the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes, while maintaining order among the fur-trappers competing for precious pelts.

Bold Venture Press presents this forgotten pulp classic through arrangement with Camille “Caz” Cazedessus, publisher of Pulpdom, the legendary journal documenting pulp fiction history prior to 1931.