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Cathedral, The

Cathedral, the

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TJ Morris
6" x 9" paperback
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by TJ Morris

(also available in eBook)

The Cathedral combines high-concept speculation with fast action and cliffhanger thrills. The Church becomes the predominant government body, and develops its own enforcement arm. Once their best "Cleanser" goes rogue, all Hell breaks loose ...

His given name was But for the Love of Jesus Christ We Would All Be Damned Smith, III; BC for short. The name was peculiar to BC’s societal caste. Some thought of it as a profession but you had to be born a Cleanser. This fact was inconsequential to the rest of the passengers aboard the Earth-bound shuttle. “Cleansers” had precedence over everyone but a higher-level Cleanser in all aspects of society. This status was fine for the sociopathic, but for one with emotions the singularity was often too much.

The church controls the interstellar harvest of resources. BC is their enforcer. What happens if the assassin gains a conscience? For a “Cleanser” with emotions, singularity is too much …