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Colors of Blood

Moriah Dru, Child Trace

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Gerrie Ferris Finger
Moriah Dru, Child Trace
6" x 9" softcover
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The Loblolly Farm is a good place to go missing, especially when their horses run at major tracks like Belmont and Saratoga. The disappearance of Soire, an orphaned exercise rider, prompts Evangeline to seek help in finding her friend.

Evangeline is sassy, filthy rich, and fourteen-years-old. As a former client of Child Trace, she saunters into Moriah Dru’s office expecting the detective to drop everything. And against her better judgment, Moriah Dru does just that …

Soon Moriah and Lieutenant Richard Lake (her “hunky boyfriend” as per the flirtatious Evangeline) are orbiting the equestrian world, and the Loblolly Farm seems the epicenter of violence and corruption.

Gerrie Ferris Finger wrote for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as a reporter, columnist, and served on the National News Desk and the City Desk’s City Life section. She lives on the Georgia coast with her husband, Alan.