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Khayyám’s Rubáiyát

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Frank Coffman
6" x 9"
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"Frank Coffman's renderings of Khayyám's Rubaiyát are a poetic triumph: Here the classic Persian quatrains are transformed into clean and radiant stanzas, each of which sparkles like a gemstone neatly cut and polished. Coffman's masterful prosodist's touch acts as a clarifying agent, drawing out the beauty inherent in the poetry as if through some form of lapidary alchemy. More than this technical achievement (and perhaps more importantly), Coffman's Rubaiyat is simply a pleasure to read. The verse pours from the page deliciously, like the ruby red wine to which so many of Khayyám's stanzas refer."
Oliver Sheppard, poet and author of Thirteen Nocturnes

"Englishing the Rubaiyát after FitzGerald might be viewed as a light intellectual game, but Frank Coffman brings to the task the craft and rigor of real work. Fortunately, however, he has not left out the ludic, playful aspects of Khayyám's Persian verses. This is a new translation for a new century."
Steven Withrow, poet and author of The Sun Ships & Other Poems