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The Legend of Robin Hood: Outlaw (eBook)

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John E. Petty
ePub / Mobi Kindle
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The Legend of Robin Hood, Book 1

by John E. Petty

(Available in print format)

When Robert of Locksley returns home from the Crusades after fighting alongside King Richard, he finds his home and its people crushed under the fist of the Sheriff of Nottingham and the despotic Prince John. After a personal tragedy in which he loses his home, his family, and his title, Rob escapes into the deep vastness of Sherwood Forest, a foreboding place, known to be haunted. But instead of ghosts and goblins, Rob finds a community oppressed by cruelty, one that he vows to lead towards a better life.

Originally conceived centuries ago, the Legend of Robin Hood is as timeless and as powerful now as it was during the Middle Ages. In a time when the world suffers from dwindling resources, income inequality, the tyranny of the rich, and forces far beyond the control of common people, Robin Hood is a lasting symbol in these dark and frightening times. Based on the original ballads and tales, The Legend of Robin Hood: Outlaw speaks today with a rich and powerful voice, one that urges everyone to stand up and fight oppression, bigotry, and fear.