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The Masked Rider #1

Masked Rider Western

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Softcover 7" x 10"
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The Masked Rider returns in a new reprint series — Two action-packed novels in one volume with the original illustrations!

(Also available in eBook edition)

The Haunted Holster

Walker A. Tompkins

Wayne Morgan risks the vengeance of treacherous outlaws when he rides into Mogollon Malpais to side the Tonto Twins in their difficult search for a mysterious legacy of treasure! Follow the daring Robin Hood of the range as he fights grimly against desperate odds!

Black Gold Empire

C. William Harrison

An oil-spattered trail leads Wayne Morgan to grim battle against desperate foes when pillage and destruction overrun the range! The Masked Rider brings his ready six-guns and keen wits into the fray when the fighting’s toughest!