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The Twilight Patrol

Experience the series that deifies Imagination!

Recreating, in its original glory, the pulp magazine epic that predicted our post physical reality by vanishing during the Great Depression. The long lost American mythology of Truth! 

Action! Horror! Romance! Shudders! Thrills! Danger! Sesquipedalian Abominations!
Confusion about the Difference between Ontology and Epistemology! Lurid Sensuality! Violent Imponderables!

… and every now and then, transcendence of a questionable nature.


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Read our Q&A with Stuart Hopen, the creator of the most unusual "new" pulp series ...

The author elaborates on Twilight Patrol on his personal website ...

To the world at large, The Twilight Patrol is a high-flying band of scrappy patriots, ever alert for trouble and always willing to lend a hand. To the sinister foes lurking behind the Axis horizon, they are a force to be reckoned with in the onslaught against freedom. To their fans, The Twilight Patrol is the bravest assortment of adventurers ever brought together to confront the dark forces threatening our mortal realm.

  • Captain Hollister Congrieve — A scrappy orphan who became one of the most feared aces of the Great War, a patriot ever alert for trouble.
  • Captain Orville Wootin — A mad genius, brilliant airman, spymaster, poet and philosopher, who never fails to deliver the goods — except when he’s out of his mind.
  • Cassiopeia Peyotrovna Lampreyv — Deposed queen of a hidden Carpathian kingdom, driven by a passionate blood lust.
  • Chaim Ben-Zimra — The queen’s private physician, a cabbalist and mystic with a preternatural understanding of the dark forces threatening our mortal realm.
  • Lael — Beautiful and mysterious, part of a strange union of agents known only by their purple eyes. She is never who (or what) she seems.

On the other hand, The Twilight Patrol is also a "rare pulp magazine," and the new editions from Bold Venture Press are an homage to the "rarest pulp series of all time" ... or was it?

The Twilight Patrol is the spiritual brainchild of Stuart Hopen, whose dual careers in law and medicine may have contributed to his writing's schizoid nature. The series dwells on the metaphysical aspects of good and evil, reality and fantasy ... there's also lots of high-flying aerial dogfights, complete with chattering machine guns, and creepy villains. A hallmark of the series is the femme fatale, but beware ... the more delectable the villainess, the deadlier they are ... or are they??

As Stuart puts it, "This is prose so purple, it glows in the dark" ... But The Twilight Patrol will leave you pondering the nature of good and evil ...