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The Big Bluff

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Jack Halliday
166 pages
6" x 9" paperback
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“What dark secrets lay buried in her subconscious mind?”

American hypnotherapist Vernon Prescott finishes a lecture tour of Australia in the quaint Queensland town of Bundaberg. He awakens alone, under the big bluff, on the morning after his last speaking engagement, recovering from a night of too many vodka gimlets. When young Mindy Winthrop seeks him out, after attending the previous night’s lecture, she appeals to him for treatment of repressed memories surrounding a four-year-old cold-case murder.

The unusual couple is thrust into an intimate alliance after being intimidated by members of a cult with roots dating back hundreds of years who will stop at nothing to prevent Mindy’s memories of the murder from surfacing. Part mystery and romance, and all suspense, The Big Bluff keeps the action coming all the way through to a stunning climax featuring two twist endings!
Jack Halliday is an award-winning author. His works include Kawanga/Swan Song and Other Mystery Stories (Wildside Press) and  Finding Phyllis and Other Howard Millar Capers (Bold Venture Press). He lives with his wife and son in the Midwest.