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Guide to American Culture

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by William P. Lazarus, M.A.

Surrounded by an unfamiliar language, references and ideas, many students coming here to learn English along with newcomers hoping to start a new life in the United States find themselves quickly overwhelmed and bewildered. This book is their road map to an American culture that has enveloped them and has spread worldwide. For Americans, it’s also a reminder of where we were and how much has changed in the more than 500 years since Christopher Columbus made landfall in the New World.

Topics include: History, Politics, Communication, Education, Law, Race, Religion, American West, War 1700s to 1900s, War 1900s to current, Folk Heroes, Major Sports, Other Sports, Entertainment, Arts, and Daily Life.

A TESOL-certified instructor with an M.A. in communication from Kent State (OH) University, William P. Lazarus, M.A. began teaching ESL classes in Akron, Ohio in 1978 at the International Institute. He also married the director of education there. Over the years, he taught ESL courses in reading, writing and speaking English at Yale (CT) University’s summer program for international students, Embry-Riddle (FL) Aeronautical University and Daytona (FL.) State College. A full-time professional writer, he combined his two careers with this book, which is based on his years of experience working with international students eager to learn about this country and its culture.