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Sun Behind the Sky, The

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A sophisticated children's tale

by James Bravewolf

(Also in a German edition as Eine besondere Sonne)

James BraveWolf delivers a tale inspired by a from life — an eagle soars high above the earth, targeting a small wolf cub. While the prey seeks to escape, the eagle laments its imposed role, that of hunter, a taker of life. The Sun Behind the Sky is a sophisticated tale aimed at children 10 and up, with color illustrations sprinkled throughout the text.

The author also contributes two verses — the frst on wealth and health, the second about a four-legged friend.

Reviews The Sun Behind the Sky

4 FOUR STARS "A beautiful book about hope, lost love, and the state of the world's affairs. A truthful and poignant book stemming from the author's thoughts and experiences. A book that one can relate to and connect with." — Linda E.

5 FIVE STARS "I love this book, I would recommend not only for children but adults too. Great story, where animals like people have to decide about who they really are. Beautiful illustrations make this book very easy for kids to read and understand. My 4 years old nephew loved the baby wolf and asked many questions about the eagle and his "Sun Behind the Sky". I hope we will see more stories like this from the author." — Ela D.

5 FIVE STARS "Children will love this. Intelligent, Fun & Compassionate Book! My daughter loved this book and cannot get enough of it. She loves animals. We ended up buying more books as gifts for Christmas. I highly recommend it for children of all ages." — Piotr Plucinski (Princeton, NJ)