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Plot Genie: Romance

Plot Genie

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by Wycliffe A. Hill

When director Cecil B. DeMille criticized his screenplay, Hill dedicated himself to the relentless pursuit of “this thing called ‘Plot.’” In subsequent years, he developed and refined his Plot Robot™ before unveiling The Plot Genie™ to an eager writing public. After developing The Plot Genie Index™, Hill turned his attention to that most popular genre — romance! This exciting supplement targeted the creation of romantic stories without melodrama.

This volume features all the essential elements, as defined by Hill, for writing romantic yarns -- The Lover, The Beloved-Locale, The Rival, The Love Obstacle, The Supporting Character, Traits of Supporting Character, Effort to Win, Threatened Defeat, and How Love is Lost or Won.

If writing romance makes you swoon, you’ll fall in love with Plot Genie: Romance™!