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WAR, Inc. #3: A Plague of Spies (eBook)


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Michael Kurland
49,622 words
ePub / Mobi Kindle
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Nominated for the Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America

Also available in print edition

by Michael Kurland

A brilliant combine of international assassins had gathered on the sunny shores of Alba. Interpol had no clue to their plans, so Peter Carthage, WAR, INC’s top agent is sent to infiltrate and destroy the threat — and tangles with a strange irreligious order of violent monks! As Carthage learns the sinister secret of the monastery, he finds himself in the middle of the greatest coup in the history of crime!

“His correct name, as best I have been able to determine, is the Marquis Chang Hu. He is said to be in the direct line of descent of the royal family of the Manchu Dynasty, and I have no reason to dispute this.”

“He claims no country and no country claims him. I know that he spent many years in a monastery in Tibet known as Bache Churan.” Smith stopped and looked around him. After a few seconds he continued deliberately. “The monastery produced many wise men whose unique powers are still spoken of in that part of the world. Most of them were good men and worked to help mankind. Some were not. I also know that Bache Churan burned to the ground and was totally destroyed in the year 1906.”