Black Grandee (eBook)

Tales of Zorro's Old California

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by Johnston McCulley

Tales of Zorro's Old California

(Available in print edition)

In the early 1800s, California — with its warmth, its romance, its peaceful beauties — was still under Spanish rule. While the legend of Zorro grew, stirring the hearts of Californians, this sprawling state was a land of opportunity and adventure — and, oft-times, great danger.

Black Grandee

Down the King’s High Road he came, swift and unsuspected as the evil he would do, bearing the warrant of the Crown for the vengeance that spurred him on.

Satan's Caballeroan additional short story of Old California!

Honor demanded that Don Fernando challenge Marcos Coudillo, but his own death warrant would be written the next time he crossed blades with any man!

Cover by Francisco Silva