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Larry Kent # 4: Scorpio & Terror Below

Larry Kent, P.I.

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Don Haring
6 x 9 Softcover
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Larry Kent, P.I. in two detective-action novels by Don Haring!

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A scientist in Switzerland had perfected a synthetic fuel that was cheaper and cleaner than oil … and everyone wanted to get their hands on it. Some wanted to make it available to the world. Others wanted to make sure the formula never saw the light of day again.

The key to finding it lay with private eye Larry Kent, who was pressed back into service by his old masters at the CIA. And yet he soon defected to the cause of a power-hungry billionaire recluse who wanted to rule the world.

What was he doing? He was supposed to be one of the good guys … wasn’t he? And yet he seemed to be playing both ends against middle – for his own gain!

Terror Below

The Night People were an urban myth, weren’t they? A bunch of freaks and other deformed men and women who preferred their own company to that of the people who hated and reviled them. It was said they lived in the sewers beneath New York City, with all the snakes and alligators. People laughed at the idea that such a society could live, undetected, beneath the busiest metropolis in the world.

But Larry Kent knew different. The Night People existed, all right, and they were friends of his.

When multi-millionaire Gordon Pierson’s daughter was kidnapped—apparently by the normally peaceful Night People—he hired Kent to find her and bring her home again.
He dare not fail … because if he did, Pierson promised to mobilize the National Guard and clean out the sewers with guns and flamethrowers.

The fate of the Night People lay in Kent's hands.