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Bloodscreams #7: Skitters

Abraham Stroud: Bloodscreams

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Robert W. Walker
Softcover, 6" x 9"
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by Robert W. Walker

Spiders consume 400 million tons of prey every year — so when Abraham Stroud, archaeologist and vampire slayer, unmasks a coven of ancient spider men in the caves of northwest Georgia, his personal terror alert goes to ‘High’. Then forensic data suggests the spider-creatures are extraterrestrial in nature.

Stroud’s investigation points to a predatory race seen in ancient Japan; and found again in Egypt. Persistent as any arachnid, they have returned, mimicking mankind while feeding on humans. If Stroud doesn’t annihilate this flesh-crawling menace, the “Skitters” may become humanity’s exterminator.

“Robert Walker quite literally snatches your mind for the duration of his novels.” — The Midwest Review of Books