Bloodscreams #4: Bayou Wolf

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Robert W. Walker
6" x 9"

Expected release date is Dec 31st 2019

by Robert W. Walker

When the Louisiana Bayou folks calling themselves members of the Bayou Wulf’s Clan turn out to be real werewolves, it’s a bit late in the day for archeologist Abraham Stroud, whose bayou dig puts him and his people directly in harm’s way. In fact this wulf coven has created a safe haven for their kind—Oasis, Louisiana, an entire town filled with Bayou Wulves, many fathered by Bayou Wulf itself — their disputable and dubious leader.

Imagine a werewolf having a penchant for reading the classics and naming his progeny after the Christian heroic figure of Beouwulf?

Bayou Wulf knows what terror mankind can wreak on were-creatures. He is wise enough to fear us and in particular one man: Abraham Stroud who is capable of unimaginable horrors. As a werewolf child, Bayou Wulf witnessed the annihilation of his kind in his Michigan at Stroud’s hand. And now Stroud is in Bayou Wulf’s new territory believed always to be a paradise and a safe haven with a great country club and a great 18-hole golf course where werewulves play in sanctuary from the likes of mankind.