Pulp Adventures #31

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7" x 10" softcover
Audrey Parente
Mystery, science fiction, horror — new and classic pulp fiction!

Audrey Parente, editor

Cover art by Norman Saunders
Interior illustration by Aleena-Valentine Lopez

Classic Pulp Fiction
  • "Noggins Gets His Man" by Johnston McCulley
    A police detective bides his time hoping a killer might crack.
  • "You Can Get Away With Murder" by Charles Boeckman
    Amidst the sea of Mardi Gras revelers, two detectives follow a trail of clues to find a killer.
  • "Flapjack Meehan’s Coal Strike" by Frank Richardson Pierce
    It can't be fool's gold when it's lumpy and black ...
New Pulp Fiction
  • "’The Death Clock" by David Bernard
    Antique heirloom or deadly obsession?
  • "The Ghost of Torreon" by Edd Vick and Manny Frishberg
    Time and space — an inventor may run out of both …?

  • "When the Punishment Fits the Crime" by Carson Demmans
    A rat turns stoolie …
  • "A Fear of Winning" by Gary Lovisi
    Cheaters never win … but winners just might cheat …
  • "Daemon Mask: Crimson Wings of Silence"
    by Stuart Hopen & Russ Martin
    [35-page comic section] The Whisper clashes with a mad scientist whose "cleansing agent" could whitewash reality!
    [The Whisper's origin story appears in Pulp Adventures #24]
Short feature
  • "Happy 100th Birthday, Zorro" by Rich Harvey
    Strike up the parade in Chillicothe, Illinois.
  • Editorial by Audrey Parente