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The Buried Motive (eBook)

Bruce Cassiday

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Bruce Cassiday
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by Bruce Cassiday

(Also available in print format)

A Cash Madigan Mystery

Sometimes it’s a very short flight indeed for a stool-pigeon. One slip of the lip and he’s a dead bird. Bonding investigator Cash Madigan found that out when he went to Gotham, Missouri, to track down Royal Blaine, an informer who had tipped him off to an embezzler’s whereabouts. It was all neat and well-timed, but Blaine’s murder foiled the plot and landed Madigan in jail on suspicion of being the killer. Madigan didn’t have an alibi, but a beautiful little rich girl came by and unblushingly provided one so good that Madigan wished it were true! But all it did was to turn Madigan free to be a pigeon himself…a clay one!