Railroad Stories


All aboard for romance, danger, and plain old American hard work! Bold Venture Press is proud to present RAILROAD STORIES -- classic pulp fiction tales of the American railways! For decades, readers were entertained each month with Railroad Stories Magazine and it's blend of factual articles and fiction yarns. This is wholesome he-man fiction for railroad fans, written by authors who knew trains first-hand! Click a cover to learn more!

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#1: Avalanche!
by E.S. Dellinger 

#2: The Legend of King Lawson
by E.S. Dellinger 

#3: Gangsters of the Rails
by E.S. Dellinger 

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#4: Civil War &
"Jaggers Dunn" and Tales of the C&P
by A. Leslie Scott

#5: Steam and Steel & Derails
by E.S. Dellinger

#6: The Saga of Kiamichi Bill
by E.S. Dellinger


Published under license from White River Productions