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O'Brien #3: Mexico Breakout


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Ben Bridges
120 pages
6" x 9" paperback
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by Ben Bridges

Mexico Breakout

Carter O’Brien’s gun is for hire, but only when the job — and the money – are right. He’s been everything from lawman to bounty hawk and he’s as tough as they come.

With the promise of $10,000 still ringing in his ears, soldier of fortune Carter O’Brien rode south to free Aaron Norris, a big-shot politician framed for murder. Norris was being held 200 miles from home in a veritable fortress built right on the doorstep of a garrison full of Mexican soldiers.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, others had set their sights on the reward — Pope and Trace, two get-rich-quick Americans, and a half-Cheyenne Dog Soldier called Sundown.
As they all came together, the dry Mexican air was shattered by the roar of dynamite and the higher, deadly whine of bullets ...

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