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O'Brien #5: The Deadly Dollars


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Ben Bridges
124 pages
6" x 9" paperback
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by Ben Bridges

Carter O’Brien’s gun is for hire, but only when the job — and the money – are right. He’s been everything from lawman to bounty hawk and he’s as tough as they come.

A mad-dog killer running loose in the Rockies … a bank robbery ending in death … a fortune in stolen greenbacks … and three hanged men swaying in the breeze …

Up until a hidden sniper damn-near killed him, O’Brien just wanted was to ride to his next job in nearby Jackson’s Peak, but somebody had other ideas.

He was up to his neck in something deadly. Why had people started dying all around him? Who was the bushwhacker and his sinister sidekick? O’Brien was determined to learn the reason they had targeted him, and make them regret it.

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