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Hell to Pay

William R. Cox

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William R. Cox
168 pages
6 x 9 trade paperback
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by William R. Cox

A Tom Kincaid crime mystery ...

They’d hurt a lot of innocent people. They’d tortured women, stolen money for dope, committed rape and murder. Like everyone else, Tom Kincaid, a freelance gambler, ignored them, figuring it was up to the police or the syndicate to settle the score.

But, this time, it was different. That was Sally lying there in the rubble heap, her twisted, broken body crying out for revenge. This time, they’d pay. Kincaid would see to it, personally.

He’d track them down, ferret them out … and kill them, one by one.

Here’s a tough, tense thriller about a gambler with an edge, a gambler with death up his sleeve. And who will bring death to all sides.

Electronic edition available from Piccadilly Publishing. Produced under license with Piccadilly Publishing.