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Hardcases and Homicide: A 'Griff and Fats' Casebook (eBook)

Griff and Fats


“First-rate hard-boiled fiction. Mike Hammer probably crossed paths with Griff and Fats, who live in the back alleys of Jim Thompson country.” — Booklist

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Gary Lovisi
41,683 words
ePub / Mobi Kindle
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by Gary Lovisi

A 'Griff and Fats' casebook

Cover by Martin Baines

(Also available in print format)

BAY CITY, USA — The end of the line for law and order … last stop before Purgatory. Lieutenant Bill “Griff” Griffin and Sergeant Herman “Fats” Stubbs prowl the streets, stabbing Bay City in its collective underbelly, while maintaining their own code of honor. It ain’t easy …

The brass ring of retirement seemed tantalizingly close to Lt. Griffin when he was introduced to Sgt. Stubbs. “Bill, nobody wants to work with this guy. Agree to be his partner, or he’s out.” Who got the raw deal? Griff, the long-suffering partner? Or the police department dealing with the fall-out from their cases?

In seven knuckle-busting stories, Griff and Fats pursue a serial killer; a madman with a predilection for mazes; a Santa Claus kidnapper; and a whore with a heart of lead. From Edgar Award-nominee Gary Lovisi come the toughest cops to emerge from the 1960s, the Golden Era of Law Enforcement, when the right to remain silent came at the end of a nightstick …

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