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Around the Turn: How Stock Car Racing Became One of the Most Popular Sports in the United States

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by William P. Lazarus

(Also available in eBook edition)

Race cars careening around yet another turn seem common-place today, but the sport had to maneuver around some daunting roadblocks just to get to the start-finish line and faces more in the future. In Around the Turn, NASCAR historian Bill Lazarus documents NASCAR’s greatest triumphs, and some of its more bizarre moments …

* The first unofficial race, where six hardy drivers dodged snowballs and hypothermia.

* The arrival of media savvy drivers like Richard Petty who nevertheless led a short-lived strike.

* The growth in prestige from early derision to the surprise visit by President Ronald Reagan along with kings and Hollywood royalty.

* The 1979 fistfight that sparked media interest and prompted widespread television coverage.

*The roadblocks now facing NASCAR as it seeks a wider audience amid rising costs and growing competition.

Around the Turn is a perfect companion volume to Sands of Time: Celebrating 100 Years of Racing (also by William P. Lazarus), taking readers on a wild ride through racing history.