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Way to Go, Doll Baby!

William R. Cox

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William R. Cox
184 pages
6 x 9 trade paperback
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by William R. Cox

Who hurt Doll Lansing so bad?

Tim Farr didn’t know.

Who banged Doll’s head around so that her whiskey-blurred eyes could no longer see which men were doing what to her voluptuous body?

Everybody in Asienta, maybe. Producers, actors, tennis pros, even realtors and judges.

Sure, everybody in the smoldering Hollywood suburb had a go at Doll at one time or another. So had he.

Until Doll lay like a broken puppet at the base of a cliff, the wheel of justice spun crazily, and the pointer reached Tim Farr.

Electronic edition available from Piccadilly Publishing. Produced under license with Piccadilly Publishing.