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Awesome Tales #10: Broken Doll (eBook)

Awesome Tales

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R. Allen Leider
Awesome Tales
ePub / Kindle Mobi
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Edited by R. Allen Leider

(Also available in softcover)

Awesome Tales #10 presents four stories of crime-busting action!

For starters, two connected stories give opposing views on an attempt to steal the prize from a solitaire tournament.

  1. John L. French’s “No Virtue in Patience” tells the tale of how the thieves’ plan to do it while ...
  2. Aaron Rosenberg’s “No Patience for Fools” tells it from the detectives’ point of view. Which side will you root for? The cops or the crooks?
  3. In "Broken Doll", by Quintin Peterson, P.I. Luther Kane has one more task to close a case, then his client, one-legged streetwalker Gypsy Kurylenko, would be free ...
  4. "Give Them a Corpse" Part 2 by Rich Harvey, The Domino Lady prowls the Broadway streets, hunting a shapely pornographer who could disrupt New York City’s democracy. Once again, The Domino Lady clashes with her deadliest enemy, The Procuress, but now she also confronts her oldest enemies, The Black Legion!

Cover digital coloring by Rich Harvey