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The Rat Bastards #13: Tough Guys Die Hard

Rat Bastards, The

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Len Levinson
204 pages
6" x 9" paperback
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by Len Levinson (writing as John Mackie)
They’re the deadliest killing machine ever to blast their way across the South Pacific!

The world is their war zone! 

The war’s never over for the battle-toughened Rat Bastards. From one jungle hell to another, they strike raw terror and drive razor-sharp bayonets into the hearts of their enemies. Always in the thick of the fight, they hit hard and die harder. And when a new band of misfits joins their ranks, you can hear the panic buttons getting pushed all the way to Tokyo.

The Rat Bastards — turning losers into hell-bent heroes.

Thirteenth in the explosive 16-book series! Produced under license from the author.