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The Rat Bastards #1: Hit the Beach!

Rat Bastards, The

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Len Levinson
204 pages
6 x 9 Trade paperback
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The Rat Bastards #1

Hit the Beach by Len Levinson (writing as John Mackie)
They love to fight and live to kill!

Start with an insane sergeant with a genius for leadership and a lust for blood. Add a bank robber. A racketeer. A guy who goes berserk on the battlefield. A gun-happy Texan. A silent Apache. A movie stuntman who swings from trees. Put them all together and you have the killing machine known as The Rat Bastards.

First in the gung-ho 16-book action series by Len Levinson (writing as John Mackie). Produced under license from Len Levinson Media.