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The Fleeting Prince (eBook)

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Jacob Marc Schafer
6" x 9" softcover
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Book 1 of an exciting new trilogy ...

(Also available in print edition)

Now begins the Age of Watchers ...

The Darkmoon Alchemist … a wizard of dreadful power, misshaping all he touches and foul in understanding, moves silently within the silent city, sensing an awakening from across the land.

Inside the Undead Cathedral, Sir Lennox of Marshiel is at last set free. With prison behind him he returns to his duties, to finish the trials set before him. But abominations and twisted creatures sent forth by the Darkmoon Alchemist confront him.

With the aid of Shiva of Cataron, he must retrieve the Lord’s tome — a powerful magic tool which might usher fourth a New Age.

Jacob Marc Schafer is an American novelist, short-story writer, and actor. He writes science fiction and fantasy, and hosts the podcast The Jake Schafer Campaign.