Pulp Adventures #40

Pulp Adventures

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BVP 286
Audrey Parente
154 pages
7 x 10 trade paperback
Cover art:
Unknown / John Duillo
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This issue features E. Hoffmann Price's story Murder in Florida, originally published in Thrilling Detective and later reprinted in 5 Detective Novels, and featuring the original artwork from both printings of the story. Plus a behind-the-scenes look at the story's creation.

  • Murder in Florida by E. Hoffmann Price — "Honest" John Carmody agrees to protect a Florida service station, but things don't go as planned — and soon the entire Floridian underworld is gunning for him!
  • "Price in Florida" by David Goudsward — Certain locations in Florida, especially the Ancient City in St. Augustine, inspired Price to commit Murder in Florida to paper. David Goudsward documents Price's path through the Sunshine State, and the elements that inspired him.
Classic pulp fiction
  • False Harmonic | John Burke

  • The Frightened Client | Ernest Dudley

  • Peeping Tom’s Diary | Charles Boeckman

  • The Frightened Client | Ernest Dudley

  • A Sound in the Doorway | Norman Firth

  • One Jill and a Creep | George A. McDonald

  • Sad Sam | Joe Gill

New pulp fiction
  • Blood Debt | Teel James Glenn

  • The Metal Menace | Guy Vollen

  • Misty Anderson’s Scissor Collection | Patricia Crumpler

  • County Water | David Bernard

  • Let Justice Be Done | Adam McFarlane

Pulp History
  • Peter Carras, 1941-2022 | Michael Stradford