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Pulp Adventures #36 (eBook)

Pulp Adventures

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Audrey Parente
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Audrey Parente, editor

(Available in print edition)

Another blend of new and classic fiction, embarking on another safari through the pulp jungle.

This issue features a rare story by the creator of Perry Mason — "Bloody Bill Obeys" by Erle Stanley Gardner has been lost since its original publication in 1925. It appears complete in this issue. "Bloody Bill" Sullivan becomes the unwitting "volunteer" in an illusionist act, with crime as the curtain call! A profile of the author precedes the story.

David Goudsward examines the complicated publishing history of "Werewoman" by C. L. Moore and "The Tree-Man" by Henry S. Whitehead, two perennial favorite authors from Weird Tales magazine, accompanied by the stories.

In the new fiction category, "Mona's Back" by Michael A. Wexler follows the trail of a hardboiled woman everyone would like to forget, if she wasn't blackmailing them. Codename: Intrepid clashes with another strange war-related incident in "Case Gray" by Robert J. Mendenhall.

Mystery, science fiction, and horror from classic authors such as E. C. Tubb, Charles Boeckman, and Earle Basinsky, Jr. New pulp fiction by Michael A. Wexler, Conrad Adamson; and Steven L. Rowe.

  • Death Walks in the Fog | Charles Boeckman
    Seelingson’s number was nearly up, but he could choose his death.
  • Face to Infinity | E. C. Tubb
    Here one minute ... flashback or flash forward the next ...
  • Bloody Bill Obeys | Erle Stanley Gardner
    The stage magician needed a volunteer, but he chose Bloody Bill.
  • Werewoman | C. L. Moore
    An ancient evil bayed at the moon, but Northwest Smith had business.
  • The Tree-Man | Henry S. Whitehead
    Pineapples, coconuts, hatred …
  • Killer’s Choice | Earle Basinsky, Jr.
    On a foggy night, “Rocky” placed Captain Alan in a bad spot.
  • Let’s Not Argue | Conrad Adamson
    A shopping list didn’t include danger or love …
  • Case Gray | Robert J. Mendenhall
    War … and zombies! An “unusal” case for Codename: Intrepid.
  • Mona’s Back | Michael A. Wexler
    She walked right out of his life, and right back into a mob war!
  • Welcoming Amethyst Eyes | Steven L. Rowe
    When a duel is imminent, it helps for the eyes to drink in the prize.
  • A Tale of Two Stories | David Goudsward
    C. L. Moore “Werewoman”; Henry S. Whitehead “The Tree-Man”
  • The Case for Erle Stanley Gardner | Michael Brown
    C. L. Moore “Werewoman”; Henry S. Whitehead “The Tree-Man”
  • Editorial | Audrey Parente