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Last Jazz Band, The

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Jazztex Publishing / 2011
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by Charles Boeckman

You've come to the right place to hear about a delightful, insightful novel involving the hot jazz of traditional New Orleans, when carving contests focused on musical instruments and not on knives. It was the mid-1940's, right after WWII. It features a group of zany musicians who can't let go of the beat, the rhythm, and the soul-stirring creativity of two-beat New Orleans Dixieland jazz. Progressive bebop, with its cool chord alterations, is the popular music of the day. But these vets fresh back from the war aren't giving up their hot-licks music that makes their spirits soar. Broke but determined, they get involved in adventures and laugh-out-loud mis-adventures that will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. Oh, yeah, and there's that love story involving Jackie Haynes, the beautiful daughter of a Texas, oil rich millionaire....

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