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Zorro and the Deadly Homecoming (eBook)


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Zorro's Pacific Odyssey:
Book 3 of 3
Susan Kite
62,000 words
ePub / Mobi Kindle
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Many unhappy returns!

Diego de la Vega’s passage on a California-bound vessel is hardly a relaxing journey. Aboard the Isadora, assassination dogs his footsteps. Someone wants to make certain he never sees his homeland again! In California, the human trafficking gang has grown six-fold, and a hired assassin stalks Don Alejandro, Zorro’s own father!

Adventure is the only thing Diego loves as much as family and country. While others believe the odds are insurmountable, Zorro sharpens his blade for a final battle, wherein the prize is freedom.

Zorro’s Pacific Odyssey, an original trilogy, takes “The Fox” from the California deserts, across the unforgiving Pacific, to strange challenges in an unfamiliar land!

Zorro created by Johnston McCulley. Produced under license from Zorro Productions, Inc.

Zorro ® & © 2022 Zorro Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.