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William R. Cox

William Robert Cox (1901-1988) was a writer for more than 60 years, and published more than 75 novels. Some pop culture historians estimate he wrote nearly 1,000 short stories. He also wrote more than 150 television scripts and several motion pictures.

He was well into his career, flooding the market with sports, crime, and adventure stories, when he turned to the western novel. He served twice as president of the Western Writers of America, and was writing his fifth Cemetery Jones novel, Cemetery Jones and the Tombstone War, when he passed away.

He wrote under no less than six pen names — including Willard d’Arcy, Mike Frederic, John Parkhill, Joel Reeve, Roger G. Spellman and, of course, Jonas Ward. Under the Ward byline, he wrote sixteen adventures in the Buchanan series, all of which will be published in ebook by Piccadilly Publishing.