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Society of Ghosts by Johnny Strike (eBook)

Johnny Strike

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Johnny Strike

(Available in print edition)

While living as an expat in bustling Mazatlán, John ventures to a Durango clinic to remedy his recent unexplained malaise. When the unconventional and astounding treatment administered by Dr. Z elevates him to unprecedented vigor, he is introduced to The Society and offered a passage into time travel.

In exchange, he receives a special request — assume the identity of special agent Victor Lance for an assignment in Istanbul. His charge? Track down The Society’s most vicious adversaries threatening the liberties of humanity. A perilous journey through both underworld and otherworld follows, in a battle against twisted assassins who lie in wait. He must navigate sinister streets and dense outlands, assess his allies, and deftly leverage his weapons to decimate the enemy.

But if he survives this mission, which reality will he choose?