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Ghost Bullet Range (eBook)

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by Johnston McCulley

They trailed Phil Banniton at sunset.... They trailed him at sunset through the streets of Dodge City, through the gambling dens and flashy dance halls.... They trailed him through the cattle country to Shantyville and Sirloin City—waiting in ambush with guns primed along the lonely mountain passes.... They trailed him the long way to Texas .... down every stretch of the Old Chisolm Trail—

But still he spurred steadily south, a young giant of a man, heedless of the enemy at hand—his single-minded purpose, a final showdown with the enemy that lay waiting ahead—at the Diamond W ranch! The Circle Box ranch owner decided to purchase his competitor, the Diamond W ranch—or destroy it! He didn’t bargain on Phil Banniton's loyalty or rage.

Johnston McCulley, renowned creator of Zorro, delivers a fast-paced tale of Old West justice. Originally presented in West magazine, September 1942.