Pulp Adventures #27

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7" x 10" softcover
Audrey Parente
  • "Angels and Animals" by Adam McFarlane ... Ship building in a bottle.
  • "Jack Grey, Second Mate" by William Hope Hodgson; Jack Grey keeps adversaries at bay, and quells a mutiny.
  • "The Green Mask" by Dana Edward Johnson ... A masked crimefighter’s first case could be his toughest.
  • "Not What I Ordered" by Howard Hammerman ... Shrimp salad ... red wine ... revenge ...
  • "A Case at Law" by William Dudley Pelley ... Someone needed killing ... and they got it.
  • "Hole-in-the-Wall Barrett" by Max Brand ... A villain, a hero, and a damsel ... an old formula with a twist.
  • "A Repeating Romeo" by May Belleville Brown ... Some loves never end, they just pause ...
  • "My Sister’s Husband" by Michael Bracken ... Rekindled romance or necrophilia?
  • "Sneak Thief" by Richard Brister ... The kid chose the wrong alley to look down.
  • "Thirty Days on the Island" by Raymond J. Brown ... Did Manhattan have enough hiding places for his little game?
  • "Irregular Brethern" by H. Bedford-Jones ... A sermon of a different sort.
  • "Gary Bullock, Journeyman Actor" [Interview] by Audrey Parente ... From science, to acting, to authoring a new SF fantasy novel, The Elsewhen Gene.