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Masked Rider Western #9: Arizona Gunsmoke & Dynamite Law for El Dorado

Masked Rider Western

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Tom Curry / Walker A. Tompkins
136 pages
7" x 10" paperback
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Two western thrillers with the Outlaw Robin Hood!

Arizona Gunsmoke

by Tom Curry

Havoc reigns as sidewinders plan a big dinero killing on the Eagle Mining Syndicate, so the Masked Rider and Blue Hawk ride into California to settle some salty hombres!

Dynamite Law for El Dorado

by Walker A. Tompkins

The Masked Rider battles bad men of the range in a campaign to save the Purple Ridges Country! Wayne Morgan and Blue Hawk accept the challenge of grim land-grabbing desperadoes!


Voice of Tonto Basin

by Johnston McCulley

Newspaper editor Lance Borden proves that the Colt is sometimes mightier than the pen!