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Masked Rider Western #8: The Robin Hood Outlaw & The Devil's Range

Masked Rider Western

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Lawrence A. Keating / Donald Bayne Hobart
154 pages
7" x 10" paperback
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Two full-length Masked Rider novels with the original illustrations, and a Bucko and Gumbo comedy western caper!

The Robin Hood Outlaw

Lawrence A. Keating

There’s madness in the method of Wayne Morgan as he uses his own style of fighting to expose the bare bones of treason on the Maldonado when he’s pitted against the scheming badmen of Brenoso!

The Devil's Range

by Donald Bayne Hobart

“Starve or Pay High” was the edict of a tyrant of the Dakota Bad Lands — and the Masked Rider met the sinister challenge with flaming payment in six-gun coin!


Borrowed Hosses

A Bucko and Gumbo comedy western
by Stephen Payne

Bucko And Gumbo are on pins and needles when they’re stuck with a badge and eight outlaw nags!