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Benedict and Brazos #35: The Legend of Scarlett and Jesse

Benedict and Brazos

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E. Jefferson Clay
120 pages
6" x 9" paperback

Available June 28, 2024

by E. Jefferson Clay

They called her Little Miss Pretty. Her real name was Dixie Talon, and she was the newborn daughter of railroad magnate Conrad Talon. Which meant that the tiny baby was worth big money to the gang that kidnapped and held her to ransom.

The gang was led by Scarlett Considine and Jesse Mansfield, the so-called Sweetheart Killers, and they had not a single ounce of compassion for the vulnerable infant in their care. But once Duke Benedict and Hank Brazos took a look into Dixie’s little shoe-button eyes, they decided that the Sweetheart Killers and their cut-throat followers were going to pay for their crime. The trouble was, when it came to a showdown, could Benedict or Brazos kill a woman, especially a woman like Scarlett?

That was when Fate stepped in and blew the whole deal to shreds.

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