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Benedict and Brazos #27: Caleb Flint, Killer

Benedict and Brazos

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E. Jefferson Clay
120 pages
6" x 9" paperback
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by E. Jefferson Clay

Tom Fallon of the Southwest Militia needed a man he could trust to get into an outlaw stronghold called Drum and rescue the beautiful wife of the state governor, so he called for an old friend, Duke Benedict. But Benedict showed up with a friend of his own, big Hank Brazos … so Fallon found himself with two good men.

That alone wasn’t enough to guarantee success, though. First they had to get into Drum, and for this they needed the help of a sinister gunman called Holly, who wore a silver mask to hide the ruin of a face that had been chewed-up by a bullet many years before … and they weren’t at all sure they could trust Holly.

Then there was the matter of a wild gun known as Caleb Flint, Killer.

With the life of the woman at stake, they had no choice but to go ahead and see what they could do. So they loaded up their guns and set out in full expectation of the war to come.
And war was exactly what they got.

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