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Benedict and Brazos #21: Fool With a Fast Gun

Benedict and Brazos

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E. Jefferson Clay
6 x 9 Trade paperback
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by E. Jefferson Clay

Brazos and Benedict had fallen out … again. But this time it looked as if their long partnership really had been damaged for good. Now Benedict was the marshal of a town called Archangel, where tensions were running high following a series of audacious cattle-thefts. And Brazos … well, he’d been hired by the ranchers to find out just who the thieves were—and dispense some good, old-fashioned Colt .45 justice when he found them. Which put the two former friends on opposite sides of the fence.

To make matters worse, Benedict had woman trouble, as well as a challenge from a gunfighter called Shane. As for Brazos, well, the rustling seemed to be coming from a spread run by a dangerous former Civil War general whose sanity was slowly but surely fading by the day.

It was a power keg of a situation, and if they were to survive it, Benedict and Brazos would have to work together, one more time.
That’s if they didn’t end up killing each other first!

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