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Benedict and Brazos #20: Born to Hang

Benedict and Brazos

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E. Jefferson Clay
6 x 9 Trade paperback
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by E. Jefferson Clay

If ever a man was born to hang, it was Dusty Lane. But Lane never figured he would hang for a crime he didn’t commit … in this case, a cold-blooded double murder.

Luckily for Dusty, his old friend Hank Brazos heard about his plight and decided to do something about it—with the reluctant help of his gun-swift partner Duke Benedict.

They rode for the town of Spearhead with no set plan in mind, but quickly started putting all the pieces together … a witness who wasn’t as reliable as he seemed … a sheriff who would sooner look the other way … an undertaker with big ambitions … and a whisper-voiced killer named Raven, who was happy to kill anyone who got in his way—and even those who didn’t.

Someone was out to break the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association by any means … and by hang rope or bullet, it didn’t matter to them who had to die in the process.

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